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Guinea Pig Breeds!

DUTCH- Our lovely sow Grace is the perfect example of a dutch guinea pig.

Dutch's have a smooth coat, a white body and eye patches and rump of different colour.

It is often thought of as the classic guinea pig.

Instagram - Meet Herman ❤️❤️

MERINO- Herman is a merino, which is very similar to a texel, only with a crest on the head.

The merinos fur is long and requires daily grooming and regular baths to keep clean and healthy!

Instagram - Meet Elsie, a sow we rescued from the blue cross yesterday 😍

PERUVIAN- Elsie, Gizzi and Borris all have peruvian in them (click here to see more photos of them).

The peruvian is a long haired guinea pig, with a 'frontal' of hair, which grows forward over the head.

Their fur can grow several inches so requires daily grooming to keep clean and matt free!

They can come in many colours, the most popular being slate, cream and white.

 general guinea pig care? We're currently doing a Q&A on our blog before we p

CORONET- Coronets are like sheltie's but with a crest. They are long haired so require regular grooming and hair cuts.

Hair on a coronet will fall backwards from the head, over the body and down to the ground.

Instagram - Have answered all of your previous question so keep sending them to

TEDDY- The teddys fur is bred to be soft and fluffy, however take care when grooming as their fur is very thick and if tugged may cause discomfort.

The teddy can come in many different colours. Humphrey (pictured left) is chocolate and white.

Instagram - Look out for some new piggy faces in the new year! ❤️

ABYSSINIAN- The abyssinian's coat is clearly recognisable for it symmetrical rossetes and ridges. This gives the fur a 'spikey' look, however it is very soft to touch.

To show an abyssinian, it must have a minimum of 8 rossetes.

This breed is great for new owners as the fur is very interesting without being to much for first time pig owners to manage.

Instagram - Gazing☺️

SELF- The self is a smooth haired guinea pig with a coat of one solid colour.

Annie (pictured) is a dark eyed cream (DEC), whose eyes are ruby, and ears and pads are pink.

The fur is easily managed and soft to touch, great for first time pig owners!

Instagram - If you haven't already..jpg

SHELTIE- The sheltie is a long coated cavy, with short hairs covering the face.

The hair of the sheltie is unparted, soft and thick, and requires regular grooming to maintain a smooth coat.

Shelties come in a veriety of colours, and are like coronets but without a crest.

Instagram - Cutie pie ❤️

CRESTED- This pretty breed has short hair, and a single crest in between the ears.

It is great for first time owners as the fur is short and the care for the coat is minimal.

These are some of the breeds we have at the moment! Click here to see more photos of our guinea pigs. Hope this was helpful! x

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